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Tor-rey LEQ 10/20-HS Portioning Bench Scales, 20 lb x 0.005 lbs

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Part Number:TEI-LEQ 10/20-HS

Tor-rey LEQ 10/20-HS Portion Control Bench Scales, 20 lb x 0.005 lbs

The Torrey LEQ-10/20-HS Legal for Trade portion control model has a 20 lb capacity and reads in 0.005 increments. The LEQ-HS is a durable, well-constructed scale and is a perfect choice for portion weighing in pizzerias, delis and restaurants. The LEQ 10/20 portion control scale also includes a 100 hour rechargeable battery that will provide usability even in areas without an electric outlet.

The LEQ-10/20-HS digital portion control scale can switch units and read up to 160 ounces, 10 pounds or 5 kilograms at the push of a button allowing you to select the unit of measure and weigh all of your ingredients with exceptional accuracy. The Tor Rey LEQ 10/20 incorporates a progressive tare function designed to subtract the container weight so you can accurately measure only the ingredients in the container. The LEQ-HS scale also features a Check-Weighing feature to program a maximum and minimum weight allowing you duplicate ingredient amounts with greater accuracy.

 The Tor Rey LEQ-10/20 cabinet and platter in manufactured in stainless steel to providing and easy to clean and extremely durable surface. The LEQ-10/20 platter measures 9 5/8” x 7 7/8” enabling accurate weights in a diverse line of ingredients. The Torrey LEQ 10/20 boast a large Back-Lit LCD alphanumeric screen, clearly displaying the portion weight of items even in dimly lit areas.

The Tor Rey LEQ10/20-HS can also be paired with a PC to collect data or with a Godex DT2 Printer to print labels with the weight. The Godex DT2x label format can also be customized to include lines for the customer business name, address, telephone, web address etc.