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Brecknell Vet Deck Livestock Scales - BS-VD-LED

Brecknell Vet Deck Livestock Scales - BS-VD-LED

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Part Number:BS-VD-LED

Brecknell Vet Deck Livestock Scales - LED


Construction: Carbon steel with non-skid surface protects animals and handlers from accident slips and falls. Adjustable foot pads allow scale to work effectively on uneven floors. 

Overload Capacity: Capable of withstanding 1,500 pounds of weight without damaging the scale 

Easy Assembly: No installation costs. No moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment. 

Junction Box: Allows easy connection to SBI-521 LCD/LED indicators 

Weight Sensor: The Vet Deck uses load cell technology with proven performance in the animal industry for more than 30 years 

Simple to set-up and easy-to-use design 

Equipped with IP65 rated waterproof stainless steel enclosed indicator and stainless steel mounting bracket 

Easy-to-read LCD/LED display 

Programmable hold, print, accumulation and check weighing functions 

Geography auto-compensation for local gravity effects to avoid initial calibration with test weights 

Advanced weigh fine-tune feature to make simple calibration convenient 

Adjustable filter settings to reduce environmental vibration noise for rapid setting and quick measurements


Capacity: 500 kg / 1000 lb 
Accuracy: 0.5% 
     Scale: 1270 mm (L) x 508 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) 50" L x 20" W x 1.75" H 
     Shipping Carton: 1321 mm (L) x 533 mm (W) x 102 mm (H) 52" L x 21" W x 4" H 
Scale Weight:25 kg / 55 lb 
Shipping Weight: 29 kg / 64 lb without indicator; 32 / 72 lb with indicator Unit of Measure: kg, lb, lb:oz, PCS, % 
Seven digit, seven segment, 17 mm / 0.7″ LED Six digit, seven segment, 25 mm / 1″ LCD 
Real Clock: Built-in nonvolatile real time & date 
Function Keys: N/G, Hold, Print, Unit, Tare, On/Off/Zero 
Zero Range: Selectable up to full capacity 
Tare Range: 100% subtractive 
Static Overload Capacity: 200% 
Calibration: Front panel access with Geography auto compensation features 
Serial Port: Full-duplex RS-232 interface, half-duplex RS-485 
Power: Internal PSU and 6V 4Ah rechargeable battery 
Approximate Battery Life: 48 hr 
Operating Temperature: -10° C to 40° C / 14° F to 104° F 
Product Code: 816965005710 - Deck & SBI-521 LED