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AND GR Series Analytical Balances

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GR Series Analytical Balance
  • Internal Calibration
  • Balance ID Number
  • Data Memory Function
  • Auto Power On Function
  • 5 Year Warranty
Gemini Series balances offer a large weighing chamber yet occupy little space in comparison to conventional balances with rear-mounted motors. These analytical balances are easy to use and calibrate and they adjust their settings based on environmental changes.

Decimal Ounce (oz)4.2x0.000017.4x0.0000110x0.000017.4x0.00001/1.4x0.000001
Troy Ounce (ozt)3.8x0.000016.7x0.000019.9x0.000016.7x0.00001/1.3x0.000001
Pennyweight (dwt)77x0.0001135x0.0001199x0.0001135x0.0001/27x0.00001
Carat (ct)600x0.0011050x0.0011550x0.0011050x0.001/210x0.0001
Momme (mom)32x0.000156x0.000182x0.000156x0.0001/11x0.00001
Grain Unit (GN)1851x0.0023240x0.0024784x0.0023240x0.002/648x0.0002
Tola (t)10x0.0000118x0.0000126x0.0000118x0.00001/3.6x0.000001
Tael (TL)3.1x0.000015.5x0.000018.2x0.000015.5x0.00001/1.1x0.000001
Percentage Min Div0.01%
Counting Min Weight0.1 mg
Linearity±0.0002 g±0.0002 g±0.0002 g±0.0002/±0.00003 g
Repeatability/Std Dev0.0001 g0.0001 g0.0001 g0.0001/0.00002 g
Stabilization Time3.5 seconds3.5 seconds3.5 seconds3.5/8 seconds
Sensitivity Drift (10°C-30°C)±2ppm/°C (10°C ~ 30°C/50°F ~ 86°F)
Display Refresh5 times per second/10 times per second
Pan SizeØ 85 mm/3.3 inches
Physical Dimensions(mm)249(W) x 330(D) x 327(H)
(in)9.8(W) x 12.99(D) x 12.87(H)
Breeze Break Dimensions(mm)178(W) x 160(D) x 233(H)
(in)7.01(W) x 6.5(D) x 9.17(H)
Operating Temperature5°C ~ 40°C/41°F ~ 104°F RH less than 85%
WeightApproximately 6.0 kg/13.2 lb
Power100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (AC Adapter) 50 Hz/60 Hz, 11VA
Standard AccessoriesManual, AC Adapter, Reference Card
Ext. Cal. Mass (optional)50 g/100 g100 g/200 g200 g/300 g100 g/200 g

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