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A&D-HW-G Series Bench Scales

A&D-HW-G Series Bench Scales

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HV-G Series Bench Scale

  • High resolution readability without NTEP certification
  • IP65 scale base with Gore-Tex® membrane protects load cell from water and dust
  • Column-mounted Indicator display available in LCD (GL model) or VFD (GV model) with adjustable mount
  • Built-in printer option available
  • Standard RS-232C bi-directional communication port
  • AC or battery operation with 6 D-dry cell batteries (600 hours)
  • Includes WinCT software
HV-G Bench Scale Series builds on the excellence of the rock-solid FG-K platforms. Enhanced features include “Triple Range Resolution” that automatically changes display readability in each of 3 capacity ranges to optimize both results and cost. Additional weighing modes include parts counting and HI/OK/LOW comparator function for checkweighing. Enhanced weighing modes include Set-point Control for simple batching, percent weighing and accumulation function for totaling weigh data. Weighs in lb, kg, oz.


(The GL Series has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) & GV Series has a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD))

 HW-10KGL / GVHW-60KGL / GVHW-100GL / GVHW-200KGL / GV
Capacity (kg)1060100220
Resolution (kg)0.0010.0050.010.02
Capacity (lb)20150200500
Resolution (lb)0.0020.010.020.05
Capacity (oz)320240032008000
Resolution (oz)
Capacity (lb-oz)20---
Resolution (lb-oz)0.1---
Max. Count10,000 pieces12,000 pieces10,000 pieces11,000 pieces
Operating Temp.-10°C ~ 40°C / 14° F ~ 104° F
PanSize (W x D)mm250 x 250 mm330 x 424 mm390 x 530 mm
in9.8 x 9.8 inches12.95 x 16.69 inches15.35 x 20.87 inches
Phys. Dim. (W x D x H)mm275 x 474 x 368330 x 621 x 771390 x 712 x 773
in10.8 x 18.7 x 14.513.0 x 24.4 x 30.415.4 x 28.0 x 30.4
PowerGL Series: AC Adapter or 6 'D" size alkaline batteries (600 hours)
GV Series: AC Mains only
Weight (approx.)6 kg / 13.2 lb11 kg / 24.3 lb17 kg / 37.5 lb
Standard AccessoriesAC Adapter (for GL Series only), Display Cover and Manual

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